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Industry News



CAST 2015 to be Live-Streamed for Testers in August – uTest

CAST 2015 is being held August 3-5, 2015, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and at the latest conference, speakers will be presenting stories, workshops and tutorials regarding their experiences surrounding how to advance software testing. The event is very unique amongst software testing conferences in the circuit in that it does not feature a vendor expo space or sponsored keynotes, and is totally by the ‘testers for the testers.’

NeoSense 1.1 Launched – Software Testing Magazine

The release of NeoSense 1.1 adds powerful new capabilities for web and mobile applications to quickly create realistic monitoring profiles even for complex business apps using the latest technologies. The solution enables you to generate synthetic users in production and actively monitor the performance and availability of critical business transactions within recorded user paths to detect and automatically alert you of any issues before they become problems for real users.

Free Web Load Testing Services – Software Testing Magazine

The software development trend that shifts the target platform from the desktop to web, cloud and mobile applications has fostered the development of load testing services on the web. It is an obvious option to use web-based load testing tools for applications that can be accessed by web users. This article presents the free offers from commercial web load testing services providers.

Zephyr Introduces Mobile Test Management – PR Newswire

Zephyr, the fastest growing provider of Test Management solutions, today announced a brand new Zephyr Mobile app as part of their latest version of the award winning Zephyr Enterprise Edition 4.7. This new release brings cloud and mobile testing together by enabling test management to be done from anywhere, on any device. The new mobile app available on iOS, Android and responsive browsers is especially helpful for those testing in the field, on the road, or smart devices in the Internet of Things.

Keynote Supports Mobile Testing with Appium –

Keynote announced the integration of Keynote Mobile Testing with Appium, an open source framework designed to help automate the testing of native and web iOS and Android mobile applications. The new integration will allow organizations to improve the quality of apps by enabling efficient collaboration between quality assurance (QA) practitioners doing end-to-end testing and developers automating unit tests.


Testing Best Practices



How to Test for Security in the Cloud – uTest

Security testing in the cloud has a number of benefits to offer QA teams, but they must be able to utilize it effectively. By leveraging automation and other resources, QA can bolster their security posture and better protect their essential applications.

Modern Application Performance Testing –

In order to understand if performance matches needs, testing is a necessity. While there are many areas that help define testing parameters, three overarching testing concepts must be addressed in order to provide appropriate performance for modern applications: your users, your data, and your environment.

Tools over Skills: Are We Missing the Point? – Software Testing Help

Tools and frameworks are a means to achieving testing goals. Poly-skilled testers will use a combination of all three – people, processes, tools, and additionally, their experience – to ensure that quality is not treated as a siloed function but instead, is integrated across the software development lifecycle.

Why Mobile Testing is Tough? – Software Testing Help

Mobile testing is not tough because testers have to think about vast coverage and real time usage (yes, they are surely the differentiating factors from any typical testing) but mobile testing has become tough because while running a race with allowed time to do testing, most of the mobile testers prefer to do interruption, memory leak, performance testing but avoids / gives less importance to basic functional testing

How to Use Waterfall Model Assets in Agile Tool – Software Testing Help

This review of Zephyr Enterprise Edition will give you an idea of how to keep those Waterfall assets and reuse them in an Agile tool. We’ll also review the important items you need to keep an eye out for when evaluating test management solutions.

Jmeter Tutorial: Testing REST Web Services – Testing Excellence

In this Jmeter Tutorial, we look at how we can test a REST API or Web Service using Jmeter tool. We can use Jmeter to send Json request to a RESTful Web Service and also parse the Json response.

STAREAST 2015 Interview with Richard Hundhausen on Real-World Software Testing –

In this interview, Richard Hundhausen talks about real-world software testing, his experience at STAR, the benefits of Scrum and agile, and how we can end the developer/tester dichotomy by bringing these two teams together.

STAREAST 2015 Interview with Bart Knaack and Paul Carvalho from the Test Lab –

In this interview, Bart Knaack and Paul Carvalho discuss the tester's sandbox known as the The Test Lab. They explain how and why they're doing real testing at a conference about testing, and share some of their results.

STAREAST 2015 Interview with Bryan Linder on Continuous Delivery –

In this interview, Bryan Linder defines the methodology, processes, and tools associated with release automation, outlines the benefits of more frequent, smaller releases, and talks about his overall experience at STAREAST.

One Mock Too Far – Software Testing Magazine

Tests should save our money and time. How is it that they often become the stumbling block and slow down the work? They fail every time you try to do some refactoring and are difficult to maintain ultimately increasing the cost of software maintenance.