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Load Impact Releases Version 3.0 of Performance Testing Platform –

Load Impact, a cloud-based load and performance testing software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for web, mobile and APIs, announced Load Impact Version 3.0. Version 3.0 of Load Impact software includes performance trending, new User Interface (UI), more realistic traffic emulation and performance testing methodology.

XebiaLabs Launches XL TestView –

XebiaLabs announced the release of XL TestView, the first software test results management and analysis solution that enables users to collect results from their full spectrum of test tools in a central location. XL TestView allows users to aggregate test results across multiple testing tools, analyze results and execute automated test jobs from one central dashboard.

Kovair Releases Adapter/Connector For LDRA Testbed – Software Testing Magazine

Kovair Software has announced the release of Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter for LDRA Testbed, a leading product in providing core static and dynamic analysis engines for both host and embedded software.

Open Source Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Tools for PHP – Software Testing Magazine

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is the idea that you start by writing human-readable sentences that describe a feature of your application and how it should work. Then you implement this behavior in software. This description can produce automated tests that will verify that the feature is implemented correctly. On the testing side, BDD tools provide you the features to perform functional or acceptance tests. The are many tools that implement the BDD concept for different languages, including PHP.


Testing Best Practices



Testing E-commerce Websites – Testing Excellence

Testing E-commerce Websites requires knowledge of web testing techniques and the e-commerce domain.Most E-commerce Websites share a general common theme and structure.

“How Was This Tested?” Providing Evidence of Your Testing –

Many testers have a tendency to minimize the information they record when testing. The challenge comes when problems are found later, possibly after the software is in production. How do we remember what we did, and when? What records do we have to refer to? How do we, as testers, answer the question “How was this tested?”

Reducing Redundancy in Responsive Testing –

When testing responsive design, it's important to make sure that it renders well on a variety of devices. But how can you do that efficiently, without testing on dozens of smartphones, tablets, and desktops? Adam Rosenberg tells you how to make informed testing decisions based on OS, viewport widths, and your team so that you can reduce redundancy.

Context Driven Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Context Driven Testing can be defined by a is a set of values about software testing that recommends a continuous and creative assessment of the software testing activities based on the current knowledge about the situation and the value of the tests for the organization.

34 Most Common SoapUI Interview Questions and Answers – Software Testing Help

The most frequently asked SoapUI interview questions and answers for your reference. It is always tricky to write an interview Q&A article because the list of questions that we provide is never going to be all-inclusive and also, interviews in real time aren’t exactly in the Q&A format.

Exploratory Testing vs Scripted Testing: Who Wins? – Software Testing Help

Traditionally, software testing has been a very rigid activity, but in recent years there’s been a shift away from script-based testing. Exploratory testing, which is more context-driven, has come to the fore. That’s because it gives testers more freedom to exploit their skills and knowledge, and it makes them responsible for optimizing the value of their own work. 

Why Bug Reporting is an Art That Should Be Learned by Every Tester? – Software Testing Help

Bug reporting and tracking is an art, a fine art where by applying some fine points, we can change the quality of product from downside up and can win the trust of client. No matter at which level of hierarchy you are sitting, being in software testing, it’s necessary that you master the skill of bug reporting.

Better Selenium Tests with Geb – Software Testing Magazine

Selenium tests can quickly grow in size and could become difficult to maintain, unless adhered to DRY principles to the extreme. Geb is an open source browser automation solution that brings together the power of WebDriver, the elegance of jQuery content selection, the robustness of Page Object modelling and the expressiveness of the Groovy language.

STAREAST 2015 Interview with uTest Contest Winner Anna Momatava –

In this interview from STAREAST 2015, Anna Momatava talks about her experiences winning a trip to the conference in the uTest competition. She touches on the highlights from her week spending time with well-known developers and testers.