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NeoLoad 5.1 Load Testing Tool Released – Software Testing Magazine

Neotys has announced NeoLoad 5.1, an enhanced version of its load and performance testing solution. The release of NeoLoad 5.1, available with a Free Edition download, adds complete end user experience for real browsers and devices and enhanced analysis capabilities with graphing and metrics integrations.

AppDynamics Releases Application Performance Monitoring for Python Applications –

AppDynamics has announced the general availability of application performance monitoring for Python applications. The AppDynamics APM Solution for Python brings all the capabilities of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to Python applications, including automatic application flow-mapping; real-time, end-to-end, code-level visibility to enable rapid problem resolution; and database and infrastructure monitoring. The solution monitors Python applications in both development and live production environments.

Real-World Testing Makes Autonomous Driving A Reality – uTest

Self driving cars. A vision of the future that if you follow the musings of the mass media are soon to be a regular sight on roads across the country. Google has been testing its autonomous cars for some time now – with the odd public hiccup – and has made no secret of its desire to get their vehicles into the wider motoring world sooner rather than later.


Testing Best Practices



Why Selenium Should Be Your UI Test Tool –

Selecting a testing tool is hard work. If you look on vendor websites, you'll get marketing material promising the world. If you look on forums, you'll mostly get people trying to solve their own problems. Justin Rohrman tells you why you might choose Selenium as your UI testing tool, based on real experience with real software projects—rather than a marketing page.

How Continuous Delivery Improves Mobile App Quality and Speed: An Interview with Prathap Dendi –

In this interview, general manager Prathap Dendi explores continuous delivery and the explosion of mobile development. He explains how we've applied the lessons learned from mobile development elsewhere, plus the most exciting trends now and looking forward.

The Definitive Guide to Crowdsourced Testing – Software Testing Help

Through this article we will take a look at every aspect of Crowdsourced Testing and QA outsourcing. This guide is useful for companies looking to Crowdsource their testing work and testers who want to make career in Crowdsourced testing to bring in some extra income.

How to Perform Data Driven Testing in SoapUI Pro – SoapUI Tutorial #14 – Software Testing Help

In this SoapUI Pro tutorial, we are going to see Data Driven Testing using SoapUI Pro. Performing load testing and performance testing with huge data is often time consuming. This can be overcome through Data driven testing in SoapUI pro.

A Quick SoapUI Guide to Store Request and Response Data in a File – SoapUI Tutorial #15 – Software Testing Help

In this SoapUI advance tutorial, let’s learn about how to store the response in a file for future reference. Also, the steps are very detailed, so we treat this as a quick recap of everything we do, end-to-end.

My Time at uTest: What I Learned About Software Testers – uTest

Prior to joining the uTest Community Management team in June of 2013, I had experience in the technical realm with other companies in areas including network management, but software testing was a whole new beast to me. Thanks to meeting some of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with in our testing community, I quickly embraced the art of testing. Here’s a few things that I found out about testers during my time at uTest.

Integrating Skilled Testing with Agile Development – Software Testing Magazine

Skilled software testing has not fit well into the culture of Agile development. Agile was not created by testers, or with testers, or with deep testing in mind. As a result, people who study and practice the testing discipline have done so largely outside of Agile culture. To help fix this, the “Agile Testing Quadrants” should help you explain a better way for testing and development to coexist.